Hilights of «Managing the Design Factory» by D. Reinerstsen

Awesome book for those who manages any kind of enterprise, wether it is a small web-design firm or a big company manufacturing smartphones or making enterprise level software.

The book lifts you up to a meta level and gives you the general perspective of how any kind of producing organization works.


But it’s not just the perspective, the book is full of insights on how you can make your producing unit more effective, more profitable, get better time & quality management.



Xiaomi Yi cam

Just came from eBay seller.

2016-08-10 14.33.20

Additional degree of freedom in my video production. New GoodProgrammer.ru youtube videos are to come, as well as new personal projects.

Nice cam, great video quality with a few customizations, acceptable sound quality out of the box, cheap. What else do you need?



GoodProgrammer.ru 2nd birthday

It is officially August the 2nd. A lot of emotions of different kind. Good people, good talks and songs.

2016-08-06 16.23.51 2016-08-06 17.28.44 2016-08-06 17.27.40

Near future plans: top notch online training on ruby on rails, android, ios development in english, youtube channel in english.



How to learn English

I’ve recently discovered A. J. Hoge and his great effortlessenglish.com project. As an experienced english learner I would recommend it to anybody.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 00.03.40

I couldn’t agree more on his teaching learning rules (below with my comments).



Welcome note

fotosession_1I’m Michael Butlitsky, product manager with 10+ years overall experience (as a software engineer, project manager, product manager) in russian IT-industry. Some of my background may be found at linkedin.com/in/mbutlitsky.

Besides product management i’m interested in numerical simulations for plasma physics, fitness and mysticism. Feel free to do something with me about that 🙂

 What is this blog about

There’s not much said and written about product management in internet and IT sector. And fortunately there’s much left to be said and done to make our world a better place, by creating better products and popularizing product-oriented thinking.

You’ll find here in this section of a site (dotkompot.ru/category/en/) some of my best posts and articles on product management, translated into english. Not my native language, sorry for mistakes.